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AOB Reform…Good & Bad News!

Last week’s bad news was disappointing but, not unexpected. Legislation reforming Assignment of Benefits (AOB) in 2015 is dead, having failed to even muster a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla-R. The House version has languished in the Regulatory Affairs committee chaired by Representative Jose Felix Diaz-R. Neither committee is scheduled to meet again this session. 

Again, bad news. [Read more…]

AOB…the woods are on fire!

In a recent telephone discussion with the Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF) concerning Florida’s nearly 50,000 annual AOB lawsuits, I was told they’re investigating nearly 200 complaints of AOB abuse from roofers–many are likely to become full blown fraud investigations, all from the same part of the state. [Read more…]

AOB… an ugly iceberg!

Some say every insurance crisis inevitably traces back to a handful of lawyers and that abuse of Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is no exception. What I’ve recently uncovered seems to bear this out in mind-boggling terms.   [Read more…]

AOB & Roofers?!

Rapidly becoming Florida’s biggest residential insurance cost driver and once thought to involve mostly water extraction companies, abuse of AOB (Assignment of Benefits) has now metastasized into the roofing industry.

I use the phrase “roofing industry” loosely. The prime abusers don’t appear to be roofers at all but, fly-by-nighters, scammers and sometimes even criminals–with no experience, no license and, far too often… no conscience! [Read more…]

Rytech–A company agents can trust!

For months now you’ve been reading my posts on the rampant abuse of assignment of benefits (AOB)– mostly by emergency restoration companies, more specifically water extraction companies. You know how I feel about it and should know, therefore, how insurers, abused claimants, agents and even some public adjusters feel about it.

They don’t like it, nor do they believe anyone should sign a contract assigning the benefits of their insurance policy to someone else.

Insurance agents should be particularly interested in knowing which emergency restoration companies do not use AOB and which do not pay inflated plumber referral fee’s but make referrals based on quality of service and workmanship. [Read more…]

CITIZENS…The Long & Winding Road!

Politically it’s been arduous but, the decades long journey Citizens Property Insurance Company (Citizens) has been on appears to be nearing an end.

That’s not to say Citizens will be back where it started. Far from it. It’s meant to imply, however, that Citizens has done so much, come so far, morphed so many times, it may now have nowhere left to go. [Read more…]

Public Adjuster Conundrum–AOB & Direct Pay

Public Adjusters appear to strongly oppose Assignment of Benefits (AOB). Like every insurer I talk to, they point to consumer mistreatment and warn claimants to avoid contracts assigning the benefits of their insurance policy to someone else. [Read more…]