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For months now you’ve been reading my posts on the rampant abuse of assignment of benefits (AOB)– mostly by emergency restoration companies, more specifically water extraction companies. You know how I feel about it and should know, therefore, how insurers, abused claimants, agents and even some public adjusters feel about it.

They don’t like it, nor do they believe anyone should sign a contract assigning the benefits of their insurance policy to someone else.

Insurance agents should be particularly interested in knowing which emergency restoration companies do not use AOB and which do not pay inflated plumber referral fee’s but make referrals based on quality of service and workmanship.

But, agents need one more thing– a water extraction company that will treat their clients like they deserve to be treated with prompt first class service, professional care and a guarantee of satisfaction.

Johnson Strategies is proud to recommend Rytech, Inc as such a company–a firm focused on satisfying both your clients and your carriers. Rytech is a statewide industry leading, IICRC Certified company that doesn’t use AOB, that guarantees its work and that is endorsed by more companies than any other vendor I could find.

I believe that shoddy workmanship and outright fraud in water losses is Florida’s premier, non-catastrophic loss leader. So, for months now I’ve reviewed the water extractions landscape looking for a partial answer. There are only a handful of vendors that I believe do the right kind of job. I’d like to tell you why I’ve decided Rytech is not only the preference of carriers but should be recommended by every agent to every client.

Improve Customer Retention–Rytech has far superior customer care with quality assurance checks, immediate contact with the customer, and a four hour or less response time anywhere in the state.

Improved Loss Ratio–Since Rytech has one of the lowest average indemnity per claim in the industry your carriers will appreciate you recommending Rytech to keep their payout as low as possible while still offering superior customer care. Your agency will benefit with favorable contingency commissions and bonuses.

Carrier Appreciation–Your companies will appreciate that you are recommending a firm that provides industry certified field technicians, Senior Management Review on Flagged Claims, Centralized Billing with Unsurpassed Accuracy, an Electronic Dashboard with Secure Customized Reports, a Single Point of Contact (from first notice of loss to the job completion); and, a firm that charges only what the job calls for instead of all that’s allowed by standard pricing guides.

Consistency— Rytech has been around for decades and is not only available across the entire state but has quality control to insure response times and that your clients are satisfied, guaranteed; regardless of the location or the size and/or nature of the loss.

Here’s what you should do. First, click the Rytech logo on the right hand side of this page. Learn more about why I endorse Rytech and why you should recommend it to your clients.

Next, send an email to your agency staff and CSR’s telling them why they need to recommend Rytech whenever they can.

Third, download and print a copy of the Rytech brochure here. Email it to coworkers and clients and post a hard copy on your bulletin board.

For carriers, I’ve assembled bullet points for you to consider in endorsing Rytech like so many others already do. In addition to reviewing Rytech’s website you can read those bullet points here.

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