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SHAW SAYS… “Just Stop!”

It’s hard to imagine a more transparent epistle than the one Sean Shaw sent to the Tallahassee Democrat.  He was attempting to recast an op-ed from Steve Pociask with the American Consumer Institute which pointed to Shaw as being, well…transparent.  [Read more…]

Citizens…The Case for Consumer Choice!

The last meeting of Citizens was both painful and profitable.  Board members followed Governor Scott’s directive to discuss various ideas that could reduce Citizens policy count and exposure and report their findings to the Cabinet on December 6th. [Read more…]

OCCUPY CITIZENS…A Letter to the Editor

I was taken recently by a letter to the editor of the Florida Times Union. It was signed by Tom Smith of St. Augustine and titled; “A Botched Deal”. Not only did its use of sarcasm capture my fancy, but…it focused on the irony of Citizens “assessments” and how they stick in the craw of those assessed; which, in the case of Citizens, is a lot of craws.

I thought you’d like to see what Tom Smith had to say, and how I would respond had his letter been sent to me.  Enjoy! [Read more…]

ADJUSTERS…In Memoriam!

I often report the negatives of the adjusting profession and on those within it who may take advantage of Florida’s legislative enactments. But…I’m ashamed to say I haven’t  mentioned that not all of them are so inclined and that the profession is not only an honorable one, but one involving difficult and, sometimes dangerous work. [Read more…]

LAWYERS & MONEY….More Than Meets the Eye!

In my last blog, “A License to Steal”, I referenced some rarely seen public documents that prove there’s much more to Florida’s sinkhole equation than meets the eye.  Sure, we see the rampant opportunism spawned by  an ill-advised, poorly legislated mandate–residents of sinkhole alley, terrified by landsliding home values,  filing claims for settlement cracks or, as often, for no damage at all. [Read more…]

SINKHOLES…Florida’s License to Steal!

Before we look at the killing some law firms are making off of sinkhole claims, it may be appropriate to take a look at the killing being made by “some” of their clients and, of course, how they go about making that killing. [Read more…]

NAIC’s New President…It’s Official!

Often I report on things the OIR, and thus Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, has done, (or is not doing) to resolve this, that, or the other problem that may be confronting this, that or the other industry segment. Unfortunately, I’ve rarely taken time to tell you about Commissioner McCarty; the man who runs one of the largest, best funded, and most professional insurance regulatory agencies’ in America.   Now perhaps I should. [Read more…]