SCOTT JOHNSON is a prolific and talented insurance writer with a penchant for putting highly technical issues into easily understood and interesting prose. His skills first became known as an editorial writer of the Agents Confidential bulletins, published by the Florida Association of Insurance Agents. His weekly exposés and no-holds-barred writing style eventually brought the state bulletins to countrywide recognition. His other works include numerous technical manuals, training guides, and association management texts, including the original guides leading to the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation—a designation he is one of the youngest Floridians to obtain.

Scott has authored dozens of insurance statutes and originated numerous concepts enacted into final law.

Scott has drafted hundreds of technical articles on insurance, regulatory matters, politics and association management.  His articles have appeared in insurance trade publications, editorial pages of most major Florida papers, and in various brochures, studies and promotional media.

Scott has authored industry white papers on various subjects including; Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Depopulation, Consumer Choice, FAIR plans, Anti-Trust Issues for Associations, Automobile Insurance, Florida’s Property Market and most recently “Mitigation; A Report Card on Florida’s Quest to Harden Homes.”  He has been a prolific blogger on current industry events and, at various times, is under contract with insurance trade publications.

Scott Johnson’s first book reviewed the history of insurance and independent insurance agents and was a milestone in tracing the competitive evolution of the insurance industry away from the cartel mentality toward a more competitive paradigm. F. Lee Bailey’s brother and former counsel to the Insurance Information Institute (III) “Bill” Bailey said From Cartels to Competition “…is vintage Scott Johnson—exhaustive research, stimulating and well-choreographed writing, and insightful, often ground-breaking, opinions.” From Cartels to Competition may be ordered at www.faia.com.

Scott’s second book, is a three part motivational and self help manual for insurance agents called Platforms of Success. It is available at Amazon.com and can be reviewed and ordered at www.platformsofsuccess.com.