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Public Adjusters, Public Image–Believe Your Eye’s & Ears!

Few disagree with my prediction that if public adjusters succeed in overturning caps on their contingency fee’s there will be more of them with more incentive to file even more claims, justified or not. [Read more…]

PUBLIC ADJUSTER’S…Some say “Lower Our Fee’s!”

Yep, you read the title correctly.

After my blog reporting that New Jersey regulators uncovered abuse of the state’s public adjuster(PA) contingency fee system, I learned of legislation to fix the problem by limiting their fees to 12.5% for catastrophe claims only. [Read more…]

A Citizens Clearinghouse and a Private Option!

No doubt you’ve heard the idea of a clearinghouse for Citizens new applications and possibly even, renewals.  It began making the rounds as early as last October and is now on the minds of  lawmakers, Citizens and the industry as something that would not only help with the so called “Citizens problem” but, which might even be politically feasible. [Read more…]

Public Adjuster Fee’s & Public Policy!

They certainly don’t need any more bad press.  Still…recent stories about public adjusters are instructive and may even warn of real challenges ahead for Florida’s tenuous property market. [Read more…]

FLOOD REFORM–Icing on the Cake!

This post may not sit well with some of my industry friends–Write Your Own (WYO) carriers and their agents ensconced in the current National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) approach as prescribed by federal law.

But…those taking umbrage may find comfort knowing that, like all my other good idea’s, this one will be totally ignored by anyone in a position to implement it. [Read more…]