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PA ADVERTORIALS–Need the Whole Truth!

Much has been said about unsavory advertising by public adjusters (PA’s), and…much has been done about it in Florida statutes, including provisions recently enacted in SB-408. However, statutory language falls short requiring full disclosure for institutional advertising that I call, “advertorials”–public service ads that use consumer advice to mask promotion of public adjusters or a public adjuster. [Read more…]


News broke recently that Elliot Spitzer, arguably the most exposed hypocrite in the history of American politics, was being sued for having libeled two former Marsh & MaClennan executives exonerated of any wrong doing in the most famous kickback scandal ever to hit the insurance agency/brokerage system.  To this day, compensation disclosure issues plague independent agents, lawsuits are still underway in states like New York and contingency commissions under siege across the land; all a result of Spitzers original prosecutions. [Read more…]

Florida’s Insurance Store…More Than You Want to Know!

This blog responds to comments made by Citizens Chairman Jim Malone about an RFP to study outsourcing of Citizens policy issuance and service functions. Malone’s comments were directed at the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) and they were made during a public board meeting attended by the media and others. For these reasons and because the comments were both critical and inaccurate, there is a need to set the record straight. [Read more…]

CITIZENS SINKHOLES–At Least Some Are Willing to Listen!

Since my last post on Citizens sinkhole rate increase; the one where I mentioned that some advocating for consumers may not fully understand the issue, I’ve had communications with all of them, except Senator Fasano. Chip Merlin and Sean Shaw have both, in their own way, indicated they will take a closer look at the facts. Sean Shaw has even indicated he is doing research on specific points. Frankly, regardless of whether minds are changed, this is what I’ve come to expect from two respected lawyers and advocates; the willingness to listen and, perhaps, learn.  As for the Pasco County activist, Ginny Stevans,  not so much! [Read more…]


In my last blog on the Citizens sinkhole rate increase I commented on the fact that Senator Mike Fasano, consumer advocates, the media and the former state Insurance Consumer Advocate (ICA) Sean Shaw, were hurting Florida consumers; the ones they claim to be advocating for. One of those on my list took time to respond and clarify her position. Her name is Ginny Stevans and because her comments and my response go right to the heart of what’s taking place, I’ve reproduced both below. [Read more…]


Staggering, unconscionable, devastating, incomprehensible…such is the hyperbole misshaping both the intent and impact of Citizens sinkhole rate increase–unanimously recommended by its board week before last.  Leading the army of distortionists is Senator Mike Fasano (R-New Port Richey) and Florida’s former Insurance Consumer Advocate, now a staunch advocate for public adjusters, Sean Shaw[Read more…]

CONSUMER ADVOCATE..Right Person, Right Time!

It’s a little late to comment on the appointment of Robin Westcott to the post of Insurance Consumer Advocate, but…I thought I could share some historical perspective, point out the hypocrisy of those who criticize the appointment and congratulate Ms. Westcott all at the same time.  [Read more…]