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Citizens Sinkholes…The Whole Truth Again!

I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle–for the editorials to be written, victory to be claimed by Senator Fasano and trial lawyers; accolades to be placed and misplaced–before writing about  Citizens sinkhole rate hearing.

And, of course, I’ve been waiting for the statutorily mandated, actuarially sound rate request to be  significantly reduced, as it has been.

It’s time now to pay homage to the powerful few who got what they did not need or earn, at the expense of so many who don’t deserve to pay. [Read more…]

CITIZENS SINKHOLES…The Whole Truth, Please!

On Tuesday, September 13th,  the city of Tampa will host the mother of all rate hearings. Master of ceremonies, Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, has my sympathy.  It will be a televised, choreographed, media event–with buses of pre-fab sign-wavers, some protesting to their own detriment duped into doing so by trial lawyers, public adjusters and one senator.  [Read more…]