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Florida’s Bad Actors…The Tip of the Ice Berg!

It finally happened–during a Citizens board meeting (11/27/12) convened in part to address pending ethics issues, someone (in this case, board member John Rollins) went out on a public limb by pointing to the really “bad actors” in Florida’s property market. [Read more…]

A RUBIKS CUBE: Post Claims Underwriting & FS-627.409

Last Tuesday the state Insurance Consumer Advocate (ICA) dispatched a letter to Insurance Commissioner, Kevin McCarty, requesting an investigation of Universal Property & Casualty’s claim practices.     Citing  examples of claim denials due to material misrepresentations on the original application, the letter states:

In the three cases that have been handled in my office, the policyholders have had insurance coverage with Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company (Universal) for at least 18 months and up to four years and have had their policies cancelled or rescinded as of the original policy’s effective date for misrepresentation after they filed a claim.  All cases involved previous financial issues such as bankruptcy or a lien which occurred up to four years before the consumer applied for insurance coverage with Universal. [Read more…]

Citizens Surplus Notes–Freedom of Choice!

While I’ve come to expect opposition from the media against almost anything that might lower Citizens assessment burden, it appears that at least one elected official, Representative Frank Artile’s (and others) and  Sean Shaw’s group (Policyholder’s of Florida) may have already made up their minds about the Surplus Note program…they don’t like it!  [Read more…]