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Citizens Inspector General…Follow the Money!

As I said in last week’s post about making sure any “watchdog” of Citizens is a “real Tiger”, Governor Scott was correct recommending an inspector general for Citizens management and internal affairs. Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Atwater, was also on the mark requesting that an “independent Inspector General” report directly to the Financial Services Commission (FSC), which is composed of Cabinet members and the Governor. [Read more…]

Citizens–What’s Needed, A Watchdog or a “Real Tiger”?

Ever hear the story about the German Shepherd that was more interested in playing with burglars than scaring them off? My family had such a “watchdog”–we made jokes about him wagging his tail at intruders and we nick named him “Tiger.” [Read more…]

BAD ACTORS!…A Letter From “John Rollins”

The following letter from Citizen’s board member and actuary, John Rollins, speaks for itself and in my opinion is what Floridians need more of, the truth.   It’s  a response to Sean Shaw, but…to those who claim to care about what’s driving the underlying costs of Florida’s insurance system, the question will be…“What does this letter say to You?” [Read more…]

Who Will Walk the Well Lit Trail?

During the last Citizens board meeting (11/27/12) recent “allegations” and investigations into tawdry or illegal behavior at Citizens were reviewed in detail (click for video of the board workshop).

Based on what I heard, some in the media owe some at Citizens (or those who have left Citizens) an apology, but…I’m not holding my breath. [Read more…]