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Freedom of Speech & the USA!

After my last blog providing a list from Citizens of public adjusters handling over $46 million in claims, I received slightly more than the usual number of comments. Most seemed to agree that, just like attorneys and Citizens employee’s, public adjusters would be a good addition to a Citizens Inspector General’s work plan.

Distracting from that point, however, was a threat from one public adjuster to file suit because I said the name of his firm and one other “…seem intended to make policyholders think they are with the government…”   [Read more…]

Citizens Inspector General & Public Adjusters

It’s not just law firms that should be added to a Citizens Inspector General’s list of who to oversee or inspect, it’s also Public Adjusters (PA’s)!

Whether you look at the Case of the Yellow Hammer, when PA Jorge Espinosa revealed how threats and intimidation were used to fuel the worst kitchen fire epidemic in Florida history, or;  the case of PA Alina Nunez who organized arson rings of “straw renters” (See NOTE #1 below), the results were similar–millions stolen from premium payers to benefit a greedy fringe. [Read more…]