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NEW PA RULES…Where’s The Industry?!

Please…those in the industry who are engaged in all issues dealing with public adjusters, forgive my lumping you in with those who appear not to be.

Such lumping is unavoidable and unintentional!

But…it is important that insurers and insurer groups give greater attention to the heightened campaign by PA’s to represent literally everyone  who files a claim–regardless of need. [Read more…]

CITIZENS COMMISSIONS…Rebuttal of the “Yeah, but’s…”

Inevitably, after publishing a report on Citizens producer commissions, I get “amen’s” from one corner and “yeah, but’s…” from the other.

Here I’ll address the latter. [Read more…]

Citizens–Cut Commissions; Ignore Decertification?!

For those who doubted either the studies, the facts or most important, the conclusions in my blog posted 1/30/12 titled, “Citizens Commissions…Three Realities!”; there’s no longer room for you to do so.

Actually, there never was–the conclusion was inescapable and supported by facts that were not in dispute.

And, those facts are now irrefutable as confirmed via separate analysis conducted by the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) at the request of Citizens. [Read more…]

Public Adjuster(s)…Raising of the Ire!

Legislatively speaking the last couple of years haven’t been good for Public Adjusters (PA’s).  New laws specifically restrict their activities, advertising, contracts with clients, their fee’s, dealings with companies and much more.

Their revenue’s may have taken even bigger hits from indirect changes that encourage consumers to drop sinkhole coverage or that eliminated the moral hazard created by the prohibition against replacement cost “hold back”, and, again…much more.   [Read more…]

Citizens Decertification…At Least Take A Look!

Nothing I’ve written on Citizens has generated more reader commentary than the post on Decertification 2/23/12.  Comments varied–some said it wasn’t politically feasible.  Others expressed delight that such a concept was permitted by statute.  [Read more…]

Flood Rebating Prohibited…This is Seismic!

In what many agents and carriers will find monumental, though for widely diverging reasons, the federal government has just instructed Write Your Own (WYO) flood carriers to cease allowing agents to rebate any portion of their commission.

For those rebating and those competing with those who rebate…this is seismic! [Read more…]

Peoples Trust…New Business the Old Way!

Peoples Trust, the direct response carrier that innovated its way into Florida’s homeowners market in 2008,  is now selling some new policies the old fashioned way! [Read more…]