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Public Adjusters–Free Speech & Paragraph (K)

Since Florida’s Supreme Court just ruled that preventing Public Adjusters from contacting claimants within 48 hours of a loss is an unconstitutional restriction on commercial free speech (Case #. ID10-2459), it’s appropriate to remove similar impediments to free speech for non-public adjusters as well. [Read more…]

Citizens Falsely Accused of Breaking the Law!

Yesterday, July 24, 2012, the head of one of Florida’s top sinkhole law firms, Chip Merlin, accused the board of Citizens of breaking the law.

The accusation was false! [Read more…]


In my last post I opined that Citizens could (should) employ a more consumer friendly and politically expedient approach to reducing its exposure and policy count.

I was flattered by comments on the cogency of my suggestions; especially regarding  the three questions I used to demonstrate it was imminently possible for Citizens to do as I suggested.

Other comments, however, reflected a misunderstanding of one of the points I was trying to make. [Read more…]

Citizen’s Approach… Painful & Unnecessary!

Yesterday’s public workshop and board meeting must have been painful for Citizens new president to watch.

Barry Gilway’s new board holds a public meeting in Miami, in the heart of its policyholder base.  Staff and board members talk to the media and hundreds of consumers in a language they don’t understand.  Then, they politely listen while the public, consumer advocates and some lawmakers make presentations about things they don’t understand. [Read more…]

Agents vs. the $1-Billion Lizard

With last month’s news that GEICO is now spending nearly $1 billion on advertising, I’m reminded of the regulatory emphasis previously placed on how much Florida domestic property writers were spending to acquire policyholders and thus…the relationship between advertising expense and agents’ commissions. [Read more…]