CITIZENS…The Long & Winding Road!

Politically it’s been arduous but, the decades long journey Citizens Property Insurance Company (Citizens) has been on appears to be nearing an end.

That’s not to say Citizens will be back where it started. Far from it. It’s meant to imply, however, that Citizens has done so much, come so far, morphed so many times, it may now have nowhere left to go. [Read more…]

Citizens vs Big Bubba’s Insurance!

Aside from a piece two years back about a public adjuster threatening to sue me, the blog I wrote November 18th, “Big Bubba’s Catfish & Insurer Ratings“, generated more commentary than anything I’ve published over the last four years. [Read more…]

The Post…at any cost!

In an understandable attempt to close a painful chapter of ethical missteps, The Palm Beach Post editorial titled “Too much hot air in inflated homeowners market assessment”, gets it wrong….again.

And…AGAIN! [Read more…]

Barn Burners II

Last week you read of a hatchet job by the Palm Beach Post.  Writer Charles Elmore was hell bent on connecting the rates and underwriting of Citizens with the international travel necessary to save $233 million on reinsurance premiums.

Anything favorable to Citizens, or the reinsurance deal it secured, was sullied with Elmore’s fact selection, the words he put in the mouths of others, sales puffery he cut/pasted from travel brochures and spa pictures downloaded from the internet.

Not a good day for journalism.

[Read more…]

Palm Beach Post…two sides, one story!

I don’t know why I’m surprised when the Palm Beach Post lives up to expectations. [Read more…]

CITIZEN’S Non-Residents…Matters of Fairness!

While I’m sure there’s no connection, have you noticed the emerging hoopla about Citizens subsidizing wealthy non-residents ever since I blogged on the subject? [Read more…]

Citizens Clearinghouse…and State Farm Agents

With the caveat that it’s far too early to speculate on its’ market impact, I will say that I’ve had more than one conversation with an independent agent convinced that Citizens Clearinghouse is nothing more than a competitive reprieve for State Farm agents.

I believe it to be just the opposite. [Read more…]

Celebrating Citizens Clearinghouse?!

There is much to report and to opine about with respect to Citizens new Clearinghouse. Two issues of note are its cost, a 10-year deal with Bolt Solutions projected around $45 million (See NOTE #1 below), and the flood of potential takeouts as carriers fight over low hanging fruit prior to the shaking of the entire tree. [Read more…]

Citizens Rates–a Matter of Fairness!

In an editorial published by the Orlando Sentinel at least one lawmaker gets it right describing the discounted rates paid by some policyholders insured in Citizens.  He gets it even more right complaining about Citizens recent rate increase of 7.7% when the law was intended to authorize 10%.  (See NOTE #1 below) [Read more…]

Assessments–Citizens vs. FIGA

Recently, after reading yet another editorial implying that FIGA (Florida Insurance Guaranty Association) assessments are similar to deficit assessments levied by Citizens, I found myself in a conversation with an industry associate who seemed to accept this dislogic and the resulting conclusions spread by the likes of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, the Palm Beach Post and perhaps a few other media outlets and consumer groups.     [Read more…]