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Citizens Depopulation & “Churning”!

No telling what idea’s might bob to the surface during this Friday’s depopulation summit in Tampa. (See NOTE #1 below for details).

Sponsored by Citizens Depopulation Committee and open to all comers, it’s a wide open idea exchange likely to produce some real “doozies”, which is fine, but…it’s also likely to feature a disproportionate emphasis on takeout ideas both new and old, and..that’s not so fine! [Read more…]

Citizens Rates–One Good Punt Deserves Another!

The statutes are replete with opportunities for the Citizens board to reduce policy count and exposure.

One presumes this to be intentional since lawmakers would not even take up recent Citizens bills.  Essentially, along with existing statutes that allow them to be made, the legislature “punted” unpopular decisions to the Citizens board of governors–some privately admit as much. [Read more…]

Peoples Trust Complaint Ratio

The ink was still wet when I began hearing from agents, and others, on my post about changes at Peoples Trust.  It seems that, according to the OIR’s most recent report, the Complaint Ratio for Peoples (5.44) is worse than any other carrier, including Citizens (1.0234). [Read more…]