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PA’s & Claim Inflation…it happens!

After my May 28 post titled “PA’s & Chip Merlin; “…until proven guilty!” I was contacted by a Miami public adjuster. He was “fed up” with his “entire profession.” He wanted to quit and do something else.

He talked about fraud and corruption. He spoke of fancy cars PA’s drive and how they couldn’t afford them if they acted ethically. He talked about how fraud is motivated by exorbitant contingency fees subtracted from amounts otherwise due the claimant.

Except for the anecdote on “fancy cars” I thought he was reading from one of my blogs. [Read more…]


The curse of any perfectionist is in seeing only that which keeps perfection out of reach.  Never being thankful for what’s been gained. Never being satisfied with the status quo.

For me Florida’s improved property market is such a curse.  I’m a perfectionist.

The market, however, has it’s own curse–Charlie Crist’s overreaction to a temporary market adjustment. We were helpless as he stuck pins in the  industry voo-doo doll. Bragging as he did and chiding “…good riddance” to Florida’s future. [Read more…]