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Collapse of an Evil Empire! PART I

This is Part I regarding deceptive practices by some attorneys and their cohorts to steal from others, including their own clients.

If allegations in the  numerous documents I’ve been provided are true we may all be witnessing the historical collapse of an enterprise so prolific and sinister it almost defies description.

Since these alleged practices of just this one firm, The Strems Law Firm (SLF), are so instructive regarding Florida’s property insurance market and the need for tort reform, additional articles may be necessary to provide a more complete picture, examine the potential impact on rates and develop meaningful long term solutions.  [Read more…]

Public Adjusters as Appraisers–How Interested are the Disinterested?

I’m sure it’s just me, but…it often seems like the courts spend disproportional amounts of time litigating the obvious.

Case in point. The appraisal clause in most homeowner’s policies is constructed to resolve disputes regarding the amount of a claim.  This article examines the absurdity of allowing Public Adjusters (PA’s) to act as both a “disinterested” appraiser while also being paid a contingency fee by the policyholder. (See NOTE #1 below)

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