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CITIZENS PA’s…Good for the Goose, Great for the Gander!

Did you know that SB-408, which passed during the 2011 session, provided assistance to Citizens policyholders, those with claims, by reducing the amount they would have to pay a public adjuster (PA)? It does this by limiting the fee to 10% of the difference between what Citizens originally offered and what the PA’s intervention might have actually helped the claimant receive. [Read more…]


Lawmakers went home doing nothing (again) to derail Citizens exploding population! Their intent is clear–leave the problem with the Citizens board which they’ve already authorized to implement a long list of initiatives that “might”, to varying degrees, reduce Citizens policy count or at least give the impression of doing so. [Read more…]

Citizens Depopulation…Too Little, Too Late!

In what may be the best example I can remember of “too little, too late”;  the Tampa Tribune endorsed the so called Citizens E&S depopulation bill on March 11th, the Monday immediately following the Friday night that lawmakers left Tallahassee without passing it. [Read more…]