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UPCIC…Fines & Penalties!

No need belaboring details of what Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company (UPCIC) has been doing–waiting until after a loss to underwrite, cancelling policies back to inception for alleged “material misrepresentation” for reasons unrelated to the claim or any attempt at fraud by the claimant.  [Read more…]

Assessments–Citizens vs. FIGA

Recently, after reading yet another editorial implying that FIGA (Florida Insurance Guaranty Association) assessments are similar to deficit assessments levied by Citizens, I found myself in a conversation with an industry associate who seemed to accept this dislogic and the resulting conclusions spread by the likes of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, the Palm Beach Post and perhaps a few other media outlets and consumer groups.     [Read more…]

Citizens, Voting Districts, and…Drawing the Line!

CS/SB-1770  will have a salutary impact on the burden that Citizens places on households it does not insure; including many Floridians who can’t even afford a house. That makes it a good step in the right direction. [Read more…]