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AOB Reform…Good & Bad News!

Last week’s bad news was disappointing but, not unexpected. Legislation reforming Assignment of Benefits (AOB) in 2015 is dead, having failed to even muster a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla-R. The House version has languished in the Regulatory Affairs committee chaired by Representative Jose Felix Diaz-R. Neither committee is scheduled to meet again this session. 

Again, bad news. [Read more…]

AOB…the woods are on fire!

In a recent telephone discussion with the Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF) concerning Florida’s nearly 50,000 annual AOB lawsuits, I was told they’re investigating nearly 200 complaints of AOB abuse from roofers–many are likely to become full blown fraud investigations, all from the same part of the state. [Read more…]