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Despite distractions provided by the Cat Fund and redistricting, the rhythm of PIP reform is picking up.  Business and industry groups vary on the details of reform but, never the need for it.  Those pushing repeal merely believe “real” reform is impossible…politically. [Read more…]

Life Without PIP…Worth the Risk!

Sitting on the board of the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association (FAJUA) is like being in the sky-box for one of the most abused insurance systems in America; Personal Injury Protection (PIP). As both fraud and premiums have soared so, too, has the FAJUA’s policy count; rocketing from a low of “six” private passenger vehicles to nearly 800  4-wheel “defined” vehicles under Florida’s no-fault (PIP) statute…in less than a year! [Read more…]

CITIZENS PA’s…According to a Government Study!

Before publishing comments on any blog, especially mine, it’s usually a good idea to check previous postings to make sure that what you say hasn’t already been refuted. Public Adjuster Martyn Belben didn’t do this when he took umbrage with my post on public adjuster promotions, called; “PA Advertorials”. [Read more…]

Bill Newton…Facts are Stubborn Things!

In response to my last blog on actions Citizens board could take to curtail the influx of new policies, I received comments from the president of the Florida Consumer Action Network, Bill Newton.  Bill and I have had some productive exchanges in the past. I believe there’s mutual respect and we’ve even seen eye-to-eye on a few depopulation issues. However, even if his heart is in the right place, his facts and reasoning are not. [Read more…]

Citizens–New Board, New Direction!

Last session’s singular focus on SB-408 ignored the fact that even massive reform is moot when facing a state run mega-competitor like Citizens. It continues to win “all” the good business, pulling in over 1,000 policies every day. Citizens CFO, Sharon Binnun testified during last week’s Senate Banking and Insurance Committee that the majority of new policies are full multi-peril homeowners which now total over  946,000.  Just two years ago, Citizens had only 607,000 such policies. [Read more…]


Except for the possibility of writing about the killing lawyers make off of frivolous sinkhole claims, I promise this to be my last word on this frustrating subject.   Besides, the issue of what rate would be approved for Citizens sinkhole activity coverage was always just a red herring–a distraction from the meaningful solutions already taking effect. [Read more…]