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Collapse of an Evil Empire! PART VI—The Sentence

Among those I’ve informally polled there’s a strong sense of disappointment, mixed with very little surprise that referee Dawn Denaro did not accede to the Florida Bar’s request to permanently disbar Scot Strems for his very bad behavior.  Instead she recommended that his license be suspended for two years, followed by one year of supervised probation.

Some have told me it could be a death sentence. Other’s called it a slap on the wrist.  I say… “Strems troubles are far from over!” [Read more…]

Collapse of an Evil Empire! PART V–Guilty as Charged!

I’ve now listened to all eighteen plus hearings (or portions thereof) regarding the disbarment proceedings against Scot Strems. You can learn about this landmark case and my perspectives beginning with Part I here, Part II here, Part III here, Part IV here and Part IV ½  here(See NOTE #1 below)

According to the referee, Judge Dawn Denaro in her Oral Ruling on September 23rd, The Florida Bar has proven that Scot Strems violated fourteen rules enumerated in The Bar’s June 5th Petition For Emergency Suspension.  (See NOTE #2 below).

My layman’s view is that many key allegations are now facts, albeit those likely to be contested by the defendant–if not in a tribunal then certainly in his court of public opinion. My opinion, however, is this ugly saga has finally morphed from finger pointing to proven “contumacious” behavior.

Next up…sentencing.  [Read more…]