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Public Adjusters Fee’s… consumer advocates fail consumers!

Improving legal or regulatory landscapes often requires a careful survey.  Who wants to change?  What change do they want?  And, the always elusive political query… who is willing to go on the record one way or the other?

Such is the case with Florida’s statutory cap on public adjuster fee’s. [Read more…]

NO-FAULT…Where Politics & Reason Collide!

It won’t matter to those favoring no-fault regardless of facts supporting its’ repeal, but…a recent study may prove instructive for those with minds still open.

The question at hand. Whether to repeal Florida’s no-fault (PIP) law in favor of a more traditional system operating in 38 states, or; keep it, hoping recent reforms yielding a paltry 3.4%  savings won’t erode,  as they consistently have, over the last forty years. (closed minded phrasing intended).

[Read more…]

AUTO/PIP… Post does a number on the numbers!

The Palm Beach Post  did a bit of a number on OIR numbers regarding PIP reform. To be clear, its conclusion that PIP needs to be repealed is sound but,  an editorial by Randy Schultz and the biased article upon which it was unfortunately based, both come across  like attacks on entities  the Post doesn’t like, rather than treatises on repealing No-Fault, which is its position. [Read more…]