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The Case of the Yellow Hammer!

The State Fire Marshall’s office and Division of Insurance Fraud have just completed their joint investigation of the infamous “Case of the Yellow Hammer”. Public Adjuster, Jorge Espinosa, used a yellow hammer on the floor in Angela Frye’s kitchen to inflate her small grease fire (and thus his fee) into a $70,000 fraud against Federal National Insurance Company. [Read more…]

KICKBACK…The Final Chapter!

Last month a federal judge dismissed the libel suit against former New York Governor, Elliot Spitzer, for an article he wrote in 2010 criticizing those charged in what has become known as the worst scandal to ever hit the insurance agency/brokerage system.

With this news I believe the ugliest of insurance stories is now over.  [Read more…]

CITIZENS Depopulation…Shut the Front Door!

A few days ago (Saturday 10/6/12) I expressed the opinion that the Citizens Surplus Note Program, had “a hard road ahead.”

That road, it turns out, was even harder than I thought! [Read more…]

CITIZENS Surplus Notes…Eight Reasons!

There’s no telling how many policies will actually be removed from Citizens via the two pending approaches. One, is the old fashioned way–a handful of carriers will take many thousands of policies under the traditional approach used since 2001.  The other, more controversial approach, is the   “Surplus Note” proposal–only the most “financially qualified” carriers will remove several hundred thousand policies for ten years with rate increases subject to Citizens 10% glide path for three years. [Read more…]