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Citizens Commissions…Three Realities!

During his December 6th cabinet presentation, Citizens Chairman Carlos Lacasa responded to a question from Governor Scott about agents’ commissions. In essence he said he thought commissions  impacted depopulation and that the Citizens board would examine the issue, including consideration of a “flat” fee.  Rumors have swirled ever since; mostly about proposals and approaches to reduce what, as with any insurer, is a significant Citizens budget item. [Read more…]

PIP Reform…A Big Week!

Last Wednesday CS/HB-119 cleared its second hurdle passing 10 to 5 out of the House Civil Justice  Committee. In doing so, and with the possible exception of outright repeal, it became Florida’s best hope in the fight against a $1 billion criminal industry. Better than all the other approaches, it scalpels only the malignancies directly responsible for hundreds of seedy criminal enterprises across our state. [Read more…]

FOR MY READERS…A Simple Pledge!

I propose a pact. From now on,  insurance agents, independent adjusters, business groups, private citizens, insurers, friends and family, all those who read my blog; let’s pledge that when articles are published, similar to the January 3rd “advertorial” for Public Adjusters in the Tallahassee Democrat, we will all do what we can to get the whole truth published in response. This post,  numerous previous ones, and documents found in the “Library” tab above, should give you more than enough information to help set the record straight. [Read more…]

A simple “Thank You” would be nice!

Ever hear the story about the spoiled teenager who found a set of keys to a shiny new Corvette hanging on the Christmas tree?  Instead of politely saying “Gee, mom and dad, thank you for this great new car”, he complained about needing more allowance to pay for the gas.   [Read more…]

Florida’s Property Market…”Day One”

Today is day one, 2012.  Lawmakers are less than a fortnight from the annual opportunity to cure causes that consistently leave Florida as America’s least desirable property insurance market.

Redistricting will bog things down a bit; in part, because it’s the perfect excuse for doing less.  So, too, will gambling and an occasional petty distraction from a term-limited officeholder. [Read more…]