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Contingency Fees–A Moral Hazard?

Last week I participated in a panel discussion at a conference of carrier claim representatives; The Sunshine Claims Conference. Before, during, and after the program panel, I had numerous informal discussions about general insurance fraud–all of which eventually narrowed to comments about the public adjuster contingency fee system being  part of Florida’s problem. [Read more…]


Going back to May of 2011, I have researched, written and posted an average of one article every week on this blog site.  If that doesn’t sound like much, remember…I’m not only retired but, postings at Johnson Strategies, LLC are not your typical blogs–merely rephrasing press releases or meeting announcements.

I opine on controversial subjects and always try to provide a new way of looking at existing, often complicated matters, simplifying them so that those who want to, including the media, can see another perspective.

I also go out on a limb occasionally and am proud to say that, in just two years, I’ve been threatened with two lawsuits.

 That’s once a year–I must be doing something right!   [Read more…]