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An Op-ed on No-fault…

A while back I posted something  intended to emphasize the futility of reforming no-fault and begging instead for its repeal.   Many seemed to agree when I said reform was “All About Wasted Time.”    [Read more…]

Policyholder Rights & a 10% PA fee cap!

You’ve read my posts on the abuse of Assignment of Benefits (AOB) by emergency remediators, contractors, roofers,  Emerging legislative shenanigans might be better understood if you read them again–especially one titled “Another Rip-Off”.  [Read more…]

PA FEE’S…Florida Consumers pay too much!

I’m sure you picked up on it. The proposed 15% cap on public adjuster (PA) fee’s in HB-743 is precisely midpoint between the existing 20% for non-catastrophic claims and 10% for catastrophe claims. (See NOTE #1 below)

The archetypal compromise. Between some PA’s and some insurer’s avoiding a fight by agreeing to reduce a cap they both know is too high–the highest in the entire United States. [Read more…]