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AOB… Lawmakers need to solve the problem!

Someone’s been brewing the stew.  Since lawmakers came to town nearly 70 articles and/or editorials favorable to reforming Assignment of Benefits (AOB) have appeared in the mainstream.  Recently, others have popped up including radio ads, YouTube video’s and more.

And, they all blame the abuse on 3rd party vendors and their trial attorneys. [Read more…]

Gottlieb’s Golden Goose!!

While studying for his law degree Californian Kenneth Gottlieb (not to be confused with former Representative and current Circuit Judge Ken Gottlieb of Florida) often bragged to fellow students that he would put his diploma to a somewhat unusual purpose.  He would avoid the typical, reputedly lucrative fields: medical malpractice, contract law, Real Estate or administrative law.  He’d focus instead on the most profitable specialty of all.

His career, indeed his life plan, would be to commit insurance fraud–as diabolically and as often as he possibly could.

Shamelessly he opined to all who would listen that he could so abundantly profit stealing from insurers, and do so quickly enough, that the wealth he would amass before being apprehended would far exceed the meager penalties doled out for insurance fraud. [Read more…]