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How-to Compose a Position Paper with Taste Documents

The largest plane in the world will be the cargo plane or tactical airlifter, the Antonov An -225 Mirya. It’s 73m’s length along with the level of 24.1m. It’s wingspan is 88.4m. The most fat for takeoff is 1 or 600, six machines power 750 lb. The airplane, 322 and was built in 1988. There is only 1 An-225 on earth and it is presently run by Antonov Airlines. [Read more…]

Weiss Ratings…three reasons for “no credibility”!

The problem with an insurer rating agency that confirms the suspicions of those who don’t understand insurance is that it becomes the de facto standard. The Palm Beach Post, the Herald Tribune, The Tampa Times and reporters like Charles Elmore, Daniel Ruth, Jeff Harrington and others, have spread fear using bogus ratings from Jupiter based, Weiss Ratings, Inc. [Read more…]