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WILBUR JONES..In Memoriam!

A while back a former insurance agent and friend of mine, Wilbur Jones, celebrated his 101st birthday by having dinner at one of Tallahassee’s premier downtown venues, appropriately named…the 101 Restaurant.

This morning I read the sad news that Wilbur Jones had passed away, dying of natural causes at the age of 104.

He was an unusual man to say the least.  [Read more…]

Assignment of Benefits–ditto for any vendor!

No one really needs more proof that remediators of all types conspire to defraud the public.  I certainly don’t.  Not when it comes to Assignment of Benefits (AOB).

Even when exposed for having done so they and their attorneys will often play the blame game, so their fraud game, can continue to bring home the bacon.  Blame each other, blame the policyholder.  Blame it on a billing mistake that’s been corrected or a bad employee that’s been disciplined or fired.

Then…do it all over again! [Read more…]