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PIP Fraud…It’s Premise!

No-Fault isn’t just besieged by fraud, it is a fraud. That’s one take from a paper  titled “The Fraud of No-fault” written by Sean Fowler, a 27 year claims veteran and Assistant Vice President of Claims for the IAT Insurance Group.  And, it’s the missing argument in the four decades old PIP debate. [Read more…]

PIP Reforms …In Denial!

Immediately after pressing “send” on my last blog (PIP Debate…All About Wasted Time!) news arrived that Florida’s First District Court of Appeals (DCA) had denied the  Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists request for a rehearing.  See: McCarty v. Myers [Read more…]

PIP Debate…All About Wasted Time!

Now that 2014 is almost here, to still be debating repeal vs. reform of No-Fault is like déjà vu all over again. [Read more…]

Post Loss Underwriting …A Tale of Two Pities!

No doubt Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company (UPCIC) is thankful its’ fifteen minutes of infamy is almost over.  However, as is typical of some matters involving the media, complete closure may drag on a bit. [Read more…]

ICA’s Final Report…more than meets the eye!

State Insurance Consumer Advocate (ICA), Robin Westcott, has announced she will leave the public sector behind (See NOTE#1 below) but, upon her departure she also leaves behind a set of recommendations from the Homeowners’ Policy & Claims Bill of Rights Working Group, some of which could materially lower premiums for all Floridians…if implemented!  [Read more…]

CITIZEN’S Non-Residents…Matters of Fairness!

While I’m sure there’s no connection, have you noticed the emerging hoopla about Citizens subsidizing wealthy non-residents ever since I blogged on the subject? [Read more…]

Citizens Clearinghouse…and State Farm Agents

With the caveat that it’s far too early to speculate on its’ market impact, I will say that I’ve had more than one conversation with an independent agent convinced that Citizens Clearinghouse is nothing more than a competitive reprieve for State Farm agents.

I believe it to be just the opposite. [Read more…]

Celebrating Citizens Clearinghouse?!

There is much to report and to opine about with respect to Citizens new Clearinghouse. Two issues of note are its cost, a 10-year deal with Bolt Solutions projected around $45 million (See NOTE #1 below), and the flood of potential takeouts as carriers fight over low hanging fruit prior to the shaking of the entire tree. [Read more…]

Emergency Remediation Fraud & The ICA Working Group

Insurance Consumer Advocate (ICA) Robin Westcott’s working group, the Homeowners’ Policy & Claims Bill of Rights Workshop has identified some pervasive problems in the emergency remediation business  that, if resolved, could demonstrably reduce loss costs in the near term.

Identifying problems, of course, is light years from solving them but, it’s where any good fight begins. [Read more…]

Citizens Rates–a Matter of Fairness!

In an editorial published by the Orlando Sentinel at least one lawmaker gets it right describing the discounted rates paid by some policyholders insured in Citizens.  He gets it even more right complaining about Citizens recent rate increase of 7.7% when the law was intended to authorize 10%.  (See NOTE #1 below) [Read more…]