AUTO NO-FAULT: “…and here we are again!”

I’m often critical of the Palm Beach Post. And, for good reason.

But…just because it far too often “gets it wrong” on property insurance, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t recognize when it gets it right on auto insurance. [Read more…]

An Op-ed on No-fault…

A while back I posted something  intended to emphasize the futility of reforming no-fault and begging instead for its repeal.   Many seemed to agree when I said reform was “All About Wasted Time.”    [Read more…]

NO-FAULT…Where Politics & Reason Collide!

It won’t matter to those favoring no-fault regardless of facts supporting its’ repeal, but…a recent study may prove instructive for those with minds still open.

The question at hand. Whether to repeal Florida’s no-fault (PIP) law in favor of a more traditional system operating in 38 states, or; keep it, hoping recent reforms yielding a paltry 3.4%  savings won’t erode,  as they consistently have, over the last forty years. (closed minded phrasing intended).

[Read more…]

AUTO/PIP… Post does a number on the numbers!

The Palm Beach Post  did a bit of a number on OIR numbers regarding PIP reform. To be clear, its conclusion that PIP needs to be repealed is sound but,  an editorial by Randy Schultz and the biased article upon which it was unfortunately based, both come across  like attacks on entities  the Post doesn’t like, rather than treatises on repealing No-Fault, which is its position. [Read more…]

PIP Fraud…It’s Premise!

No-Fault isn’t just besieged by fraud, it is a fraud. That’s one take from a paper  titled “The Fraud of No-fault” written by Sean Fowler, a 27 year claims veteran and Assistant Vice President of Claims for the IAT Insurance Group.  And, it’s the missing argument in the four decades old PIP debate. [Read more…]

PIP Reforms …In Denial!

Immediately after pressing “send” on my last blog (PIP Debate…All About Wasted Time!) news arrived that Florida’s First District Court of Appeals (DCA) had denied the  Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists request for a rehearing.  See: McCarty v. Myers [Read more…]

PIP Debate…All About Wasted Time!

Now that 2014 is almost here, to still be debating repeal vs. reform of No-Fault is like déjà vu all over again. [Read more…]

PIP…Now’s the Time!

Okay…everybody who thinks Florida’s No-Fault (Personal Injury Protection) system is working as it should…raise your hand. 

Just as I thought…Nobody! [Read more…]

AUTO RATES–The $1-Billion Lizard II

In my recent post on auto insurance titled; Agents vs. the $1-Billion Lizard, I compared the cost of paying agents to sell and service auto insurance with the advertising expense of internet providers like GEICO and Progressive.  Huge advertising expenditures, I said, were necessary for internet carriers to attract consumers to a website that only provided the opportunity for a sale. [Read more…]


This year’s No-Fault reform bill (HB-119) contained a $200,000 allocation to study its impact on PIP premiums going forward.  Media reports, I’m afraid, will leave consumers thinking their auto premiums will soon go down by 25%. [Read more…]