ADJUSTERS…In Memoriam!

I often report the negatives of the adjusting profession and on those within it who may take advantage of Florida’s legislative enactments. But…I’m ashamed to say I haven’t  mentioned that not all of them are so inclined and that the profession is not only an honorable one, but one involving difficult and, sometimes dangerous work.

Back when the OIR was the DOI I was in charge of licensing, testing and qualification of Florida’s claims investigators and adjusters, including at the time, a statewide total of only twelve public adjusters. I spoke with many of them and often heard the travails of their profession and about the times many performed well beyond the call of duty.

Katie Froeschle was a caring and hardworking adjuster and today marks 7 years since her tragic death.  On November 12, 2004, Katie was murdered while adjusting a hurricane claim at a rental property in Tampa, Florida.

On a personal level, Katie loved scuba diving, snow skiing, basketball, softball, and cooking. She played powder puff football, enjoyed deep sea fishing, and loved animals; particularly her many pets, both cats and dogs.

Professionally Katie was dedicated to the adjusting profession.  She graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Finance and Risk Management/Insurance. She was a member of the Insurance Society of the FSU Business College Insurance/Risk Management Department. She became an adjuster after first working for State Farm as an agent trainee, then with Travelers’ in an administrative position, and finally with Florida Farm Bureau as a claims adjuster.   She was hardworking, friendly and a true professional until her life was tragically terminated by a stalker who followed her to a job site, abducted and killed her.   You can learn of her tragic story and the dangers confronting the adjusting profession (and how to guard against them) from the The Katie Froeschle Foundation.

The foundation was started to provide strong and unwavering support throughout the insurance community.  It gives hope to many by awarding scholarships to deserving students at Florida State University, funding innovative programs that distinguish Florida State as an exceptional institution, and providing grants to organizations that offer support and counseling to families coping with the traumatic loss of a loved one.

This is a worthy cause that I highly recommend. Donations can be made to the Katie Froeschle Foundation by visiting or by mailing them to:

The Katie Froeschle Foundation, Inc.
343 2nd Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33715


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