US BANK…Not So Fast!

Questions have arisen regarding the rescission by US Bank of an asinine requirement that  its Florida borrowers purchase sinkhole “activity” coverage.  It was the only lender to have such a mandate.  Neither Fannie or Freddie required it of lenders. Eighty percent of those in sinkhole alley insured in Citizens don’t buy it. [Read more…]

U.S. BANK…Rescinds Sinkhole Requirement!

In what I’m sure is a big disappointment to some, the only lender to require borrowers to purchase sinkhole activity coverage, U.S. Bank, has just announced it will no longer do so.

Activists used the false threat of foreclosure as a tool to limit Citizens sinkhole rate increase.  That’s done and over with but, the damage from it’s doing is not. [Read more…]

SHAW SAYS… “Just Stop!”

It’s hard to imagine a more transparent epistle than the one Sean Shaw sent to the Tallahassee Democrat.  He was attempting to recast an op-ed from Steve Pociask with the American Consumer Institute which pointed to Shaw as being, well…transparent.  [Read more…]

SINKHOLES…Florida’s License to Steal!

Before we look at the killing some law firms are making off of sinkhole claims, it may be appropriate to take a look at the killing being made by “some” of their clients and, of course, how they go about making that killing. [Read more…]


Except for the possibility of writing about the killing lawyers make off of frivolous sinkhole claims, I promise this to be my last word on this frustrating subject.   Besides, the issue of what rate would be approved for Citizens sinkhole activity coverage was always just a red herring–a distraction from the meaningful solutions already taking effect. [Read more…]

Citizens Sinkholes…The Whole Truth Again!

I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle–for the editorials to be written, victory to be claimed by Senator Fasano and trial lawyers; accolades to be placed and misplaced–before writing about  Citizens sinkhole rate hearing.

And, of course, I’ve been waiting for the statutorily mandated, actuarially sound rate request to be  significantly reduced, as it has been.

It’s time now to pay homage to the powerful few who got what they did not need or earn, at the expense of so many who don’t deserve to pay. [Read more…]

CITIZENS SINKHOLES…The Whole Truth, Please!

On Tuesday, September 13th,  the city of Tampa will host the mother of all rate hearings. Master of ceremonies, Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, has my sympathy.  It will be a televised, choreographed, media event–with buses of pre-fab sign-wavers, some protesting to their own detriment duped into doing so by trial lawyers, public adjusters and one senator.  [Read more…]

CITIZENS SINKHOLES–At Least Some Are Willing to Listen!

Since my last post on Citizens sinkhole rate increase; the one where I mentioned that some advocating for consumers may not fully understand the issue, I’ve had communications with all of them, except Senator Fasano. Chip Merlin and Sean Shaw have both, in their own way, indicated they will take a closer look at the facts. Sean Shaw has even indicated he is doing research on specific points. Frankly, regardless of whether minds are changed, this is what I’ve come to expect from two respected lawyers and advocates; the willingness to listen and, perhaps, learn.  As for the Pasco County activist, Ginny Stevans,  not so much! [Read more…]


In my last blog on the Citizens sinkhole rate increase I commented on the fact that Senator Mike Fasano, consumer advocates, the media and the former state Insurance Consumer Advocate (ICA) Sean Shaw, were hurting Florida consumers; the ones they claim to be advocating for. One of those on my list took time to respond and clarify her position. Her name is Ginny Stevans and because her comments and my response go right to the heart of what’s taking place, I’ve reproduced both below. [Read more…]


Staggering, unconscionable, devastating, incomprehensible…such is the hyperbole misshaping both the intent and impact of Citizens sinkhole rate increase–unanimously recommended by its board week before last.  Leading the army of distortionists is Senator Mike Fasano (R-New Port Richey) and Florida’s former Insurance Consumer Advocate, now a staunch advocate for public adjusters, Sean Shaw[Read more…]