AGENT FRAUD…Chip Merlin, again!

It feels like every time I begin looking for something to write about Chip Merlin bails me out with another blog.

In this case, after falsely accusing Citizens board of Governors of breaking the law, the head of a prominent sinkhole law firm alleged that insurance agents may be committing the crime of insurance fraud, via a blog he titled:

“Talk About Insurance Fraud, How About the Conduct of Some Insurance Agents?”  [Read more…]

Agents vs. the $1-Billion Lizard

With last month’s news that GEICO is now spending nearly $1 billion on advertising, I’m reminded of the regulatory emphasis previously placed on how much Florida domestic property writers were spending to acquire policyholders and thus…the relationship between advertising expense and agents’ commissions. [Read more…]

ObamaCare–A LEGAL TAX!

As you likely know, a majority of the states, including Florida, and numerous organizations and individual persons, had filed actions in federal court challenging the constitutionality of some or all of the elements of Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This morning the U.S Supreme Court made clear that the individual mandate in the law and thus the law itself, is a  constitutional TAX. (See NOTE #1 Below) [Read more…]

Peoples Trust Complaint Ratio

The ink was still wet when I began hearing from agents, and others, on my post about changes at Peoples Trust.  It seems that, according to the OIR’s most recent report, the Complaint Ratio for Peoples (5.44) is worse than any other carrier, including Citizens (1.0234). [Read more…]

Citizens Depopulation…Too Little, Too Late!

In what may be the best example I can remember of “too little, too late”;  the Tampa Tribune endorsed the so called Citizens E&S depopulation bill on March 11th, the Monday immediately following the Friday night that lawmakers left Tallahassee without passing it. [Read more…]

DEEP WATER HORIZON…for agents, a sticky proposition!

It’s been less than a year since oil from BP’s Deep Water Horizon rig ravaged Gulf Coast businesses, including many in Florida. Still…according to government inspections, our beaches are clean and our scrumptious seafood is safe to eat.

Last month, after inspectors raked a few tar balls found on barely one mile of sand, all of Florida’s panhandle was certified to be as pristine as it was prior to the April, 2010 spill–a fact BP  has expended nearly $30 million to spread far and wide.

Unfortunately, some damage is proving to be stickier than tar balls! [Read more…]

Florida’s Property Market…”Day One”

Today is day one, 2012.  Lawmakers are less than a fortnight from the annual opportunity to cure causes that consistently leave Florida as America’s least desirable property insurance market.

Redistricting will bog things down a bit; in part, because it’s the perfect excuse for doing less.  So, too, will gambling and an occasional petty distraction from a term-limited officeholder. [Read more…]

ADJUSTERS…In Memoriam!

I often report the negatives of the adjusting profession and on those within it who may take advantage of Florida’s legislative enactments. But…I’m ashamed to say I haven’t  mentioned that not all of them are so inclined and that the profession is not only an honorable one, but one involving difficult and, sometimes dangerous work. [Read more…]

NAIC’s New President…It’s Official!

Often I report on things the OIR, and thus Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, has done, (or is not doing) to resolve this, that, or the other problem that may be confronting this, that or the other industry segment. Unfortunately, I’ve rarely taken time to tell you about Commissioner McCarty; the man who runs one of the largest, best funded, and most professional insurance regulatory agencies’ in America.   Now perhaps I should. [Read more…]


Despite distractions provided by the Cat Fund and redistricting, the rhythm of PIP reform is picking up.  Business and industry groups vary on the details of reform but, never the need for it.  Those pushing repeal merely believe “real” reform is impossible…politically. [Read more…]