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Attorney Fees, AOB reforms & AOC!

I heard a commercial on my car radio by John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan. I’m pretty sure I got it exactly right. Without a scintilla of equivocation, he affirmatively stated as fact… “Insurance companies are our enemy and they are your enemy.  Do not trust anything they do or say!”

While thinking he likely trusts insurance companies enough to pay premiums for the protection of his home and business, I also thought of the response those he insulted might render. I knew there would be none—it’s the lack of fear that there would be any consequence whatsoever that creates the necessary hutzpah to say such a thing on the open air. [Read more…]

Bad Apple Attorneys!

This post is about the bad apples who employ every delay tactic they can, including lying to a court, to force settlements under Florida’s one-way attorney fee statute–avoiding actually having to “lawyer” a case to court. [Read more…]