Hurricane Dorian & Rytech… A Water Firm You Can Trust

Hurricane Dorian is now expected to hit Florida even harder than previously thought, prompting a widened state of emergency. The storm is on track to make landfall early Monday as a powerful Category 4 hurricane — it could be the strongest direct hit to Florida’s east coast since Hurricane Andrew in 1992 . Due to the uncertainty of landfall, Governor DeSantis has expanded his previous emergency declaration to include all 67 Florida counties.

It is slated to be a very wet storm with the potential for huge water losses.  Even without such an event, over 50% of an average agency’s property losses are due to water.  For some carriers water losses can approach 60% of their residential property claims count.

Keep in mind, resources for every vendor and carrier will likely be exceeded, creating delays, confusion and all of the usual challenges stemming from a Hurricane. It’s impossible to adjust or remediate claims when personnel cannot get to Florida or to the site of a loss.  Patience in the face of immense challenge is always a virtue. Things will get hectic in the coming days for agents as well.

For all these reasons it’s appropriate to reiterate that Johnson Strategies recommends Rytech to agents as a firm focused on satisfying both your clients and your carriers.

Rytech is a statewide industry leading, IICRC Certified company that guarantees its work and is endorsed by more companies than any other vendor I could find and is also a preferred partner with the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA).  (See Note #1 below)

Like everyone else, Rytech will be challenged by a Cat 4 storm.  But,  here’s why I think Rytech should be recommended by every agent to every client.

Improve Customer Retention–Rytech has far superior customer care with quality assurance checks, immediate contact with the customer, and a four hour or less response time anywhere in the state.

Improved Loss Ratio–Since Rytech has one of the lowest average cost in the entire industry, your carriers will appreciate you recommending Rytech to keep their payout as low as possible while still offering superior customer care. Your agency will benefit with favorable contingency commissions and bonuses.

Carrier Appreciation–Your companies will appreciate that you are recommending a firm that provides industry certified field technicians, Senior Management Review on Flagged Claims, Centralized Billing with Unsurpassed Accuracy, an Electronic Dashboard with Secure Customized Reports, a Single Point of Contact (from first notice of loss to the job completion); and, a firm that charges only what the job calls for instead of all that’s allowed by standard pricing guides.

Consistency— Rytech has been around for decades and is not only available across the entire state but has quality control to ensure response times and to guarantee that your clients are satisfied, regardless of the location or the size and/or nature of the loss.  Rytech is proven to be hurricane ready!

Here’s what you should do. First, click the Rytech logo on the right-hand side of this page. Learn more about why I endorse Rytech and why you should recommend it to your clients.

Tell your agency staff and CSR’s to recommend Rytech whenever they can.  For carriers, I’ve assembled bullet points for you to consider in endorsing Rytech like so many others already do. In addition to reviewing Rytech’s website you can read those bullet points here.



NOTE #1: The Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) and Rytech have a partnership designed to assist all agents with water losses. You can learn more about that partnership and what Rytech brings to the table for your agency on the FAIA website  or, by going to Rytech’s AGENT homepage.

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