Going back to May of 2011, I have researched, written and posted an average of one article every week on this blog site.  If that doesn’t sound like much, remember…I’m not only retired but, postings at Johnson Strategies, LLC are not your typical blogs–merely rephrasing press releases or meeting announcements.

I opine on controversial subjects and always try to provide a new way of looking at existing, often complicated matters, simplifying them so that those who want to, including the media, can see another perspective.

I also go out on a limb occasionally and am proud to say that, in just two years, I’ve been threatened with two lawsuits.

 That’s once a year–I must be doing something right!  

Anyway, these blogs are not only comprehensive short essays, they also include links to my online library of documents, reports, video presentations, media releases and government studies–all of which will remain here, for your reference, even when/if the originating entity removes it from their site or alters it to fit some new spin.

This was all premeditated; done in anticipation of the day that I might assemble it all into one  compendium of  insurance topics so that my readers can have what they need to make presentations, research topics, answer questions or…to remedy occasional bouts of insomnia.

The compendium titled “Fact & Fallacy–Opinions & Essays on Florida’s most Controversial Subjects” is now available for purchase via the links provided on the right hand side of the home page at www.johnsonstrategiesllc.com.   (See NOTE #1 below for pricing, ordering and special promotional offers).

There’s More!

FACT & FALLACY is a collection of blogs written between October 2009 and May 2013.  Some were written during a two year period immediately preceding my retirement from the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) while others, almost an equal number, were written after my retirement and published under the moniker Johnson Strategies, LLC. (See NOTE #2 below).

Those written after my retirement are usually longer and contain more information, including references, notes, links to supportive documents and studies, most of which can be found behind the “Library” tab.

Unlike my previous books, (See NOTE #3 below), the challenge was in organizing it all for your ease of reference and in a manner that allows access to the backup materials, studies and other publications in support of the opinions in each post. No previously published blogs have been left out; even those few that maybe should’ve been. None have been rewritten or edited, again…even the few that should’ve been.

Within each subject heading of FACT & FALLACY the essays appear in chronological order with the earliest appearing first and the latest written appearing last. Using dates and subject references you can easily find what you’re looking for usually in just a few minutes, and…

… as I said above, virtually all of the important links in each blog were converted to PDF’s, Word or Excel documents and added to my website under the library tab.  This means that even if the originating entity removes it from the Internet or fails to maintain it in original form, it’s still available to you from the bibliography or by opening the “Library” tab  at www.johnsonstrategiesllc.com. 

I don’t like to waste valuable space here, and your time, promoting the purchase of a book, but FAIA members can avoid the purchase by consulting the special described in NOTE #1 below. Remember, for those who think they’re only buying what’s already here on this blog site, the book includes blogs and other information from my years at FAIA as well.

Thanks for reading this far.


NOTE #1:It’s available in Soft Cover or Hard Cover with a full color dust jacket at $26.95 and $35.99 respectively. To promote the book and my blog site, for a limited time agent members of FAIA can get a signed paperback version free by merely providing proof that you are one of my blog subscribers (which is also free). Sorry, only one per agency. For example, send me (email is fine) the confirming email received after you subscribed or a recent notice of a blog posting and I’ll send your signed copy posthaste.  Remember, this is only for FAIA member agencies (one per business entity) and only for those who subscribe to my blog. Send your request and proof of subscribership to scott@johnsonstrategiesllc.com.

NOTE #2: I  want to thank Jeff Grady, again.  This time he allowed me to incorporate works for hire from my time at FAIA.  In so doing he doubled the number of blogs and thus the number of years of Florida insurance history covered by FACT & FALLACY.

NOTE #3: I’ve written two other books dealing with insurance–the first, “From Cartels to Competition”, is available from the FAIA and traces the history of the independent agent and the move of the industry away from cartels to a more competitive paradigm. The second book, “Platforms of Success”, is available for purchase at www.platformsofsuccess.com and is a sales training manual and self-improvement text for sales professionals and a required text for IIABA’s Associate of Insurance Production (AIP) designation.

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