Citizens Surplus Notes–Freedom of Choice!

While I’ve come to expect opposition from the media against almost anything that might lower Citizens assessment burden, it appears that at least one elected official, Representative Frank Artile’s (and others) and  Sean Shaw’s group (Policyholder’s of Florida) may have already made up their minds about the Surplus Note program…they don’t like it!  [Read more…]

CITIZENS Depopulation…Shut the Front Door!

A few days ago (Saturday 10/6/12) I expressed the opinion that the Citizens Surplus Note Program, had “a hard road ahead.”

That road, it turns out, was even harder than I thought! [Read more…]

CITIZENS Surplus Notes…Eight Reasons!

There’s no telling how many policies will actually be removed from Citizens via the two pending approaches. One, is the old fashioned way–a handful of carriers will take many thousands of policies under the traditional approach used since 2001.  The other, more controversial approach, is the   “Surplus Note” proposal–only the most “financially qualified” carriers will remove several hundred thousand policies for ten years with rate increases subject to Citizens 10% glide path for three years. [Read more…]



Something extremely unusual, maybe even exceptional, happened last week.

At least one major daily published two side-by-side opinion pieces on Citizens.  While that part isn’t so unusual, what’s extremely rare is that even though they were each written by groups that are often opponents, both authors expressed virtually the same opinion, namely…


Citizens Falsely Accused of Breaking the Law!

Yesterday, July 24, 2012, the head of one of Florida’s top sinkhole law firms, Chip Merlin, accused the board of Citizens of breaking the law.

The accusation was false! [Read more…]


In my last post I opined that Citizens could (should) employ a more consumer friendly and politically expedient approach to reducing its exposure and policy count.

I was flattered by comments on the cogency of my suggestions; especially regarding  the three questions I used to demonstrate it was imminently possible for Citizens to do as I suggested.

Other comments, however, reflected a misunderstanding of one of the points I was trying to make. [Read more…]

Citizen’s Approach… Painful & Unnecessary!

Yesterday’s public workshop and board meeting must have been painful for Citizens new president to watch.

Barry Gilway’s new board holds a public meeting in Miami, in the heart of its policyholder base.  Staff and board members talk to the media and hundreds of consumers in a language they don’t understand.  Then, they politely listen while the public, consumer advocates and some lawmakers make presentations about things they don’t understand. [Read more…]

A Statewide Wind Pool…the game of Whack-a-mole!

Like a game of Whack-a-mole, every time the ugly head of a statewide wind pool rears, it gets “whacked” back in its hole.

Rejection comes in several forms, usually that the state of Florida (and thus Floridians) should not be on the hook for “all” wind exposure. None the less…

…as policymakers and others attempt to address persistent problems with Citizens and the even more persistent political challenges to fixing those problems,  the concept of a statewide wind pool has proven buoyant enough to surface again and again!

I swear I had nothing to do with the recent move and offer what’s here for educational purposes only. [Read more…]

CITIZENS… Taxation Without Representation & FOUITFWCR!

After the recent Citizens Depopulation Summit an industry lobbyist asked me,  “Where’s the other side?  Why aren’t we hearing from the majority of Florida’s 15 million residents paying higher taxes so that a mere 1.5 million can pay less than they should for insurance?”

A serious question that deserves a serious response, which I will now give! [Read more…]

Citizens Depopulation & “Churning”!

No telling what idea’s might bob to the surface during this Friday’s depopulation summit in Tampa. (See NOTE #1 below for details).

Sponsored by Citizens Depopulation Committee and open to all comers, it’s a wide open idea exchange likely to produce some real “doozies”, which is fine, but…it’s also likely to feature a disproportionate emphasis on takeout ideas both new and old, and..that’s not so fine! [Read more…]